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Disaster Recovery

Should you suffer a loss of data or IT service, a disaster recovery plan ensures your business remains unaffected, and works to restore lost data or services within an agreed time scale. Often seen as overly complex and expensive, disaster recovery planning is often over looked, or at best plans are limited in function, and rely on recovery of data from backup.

NCI can provide a disaster recovery plan to suit your budget whilst offer practical advice on how to reduce the potential need to invoke your plan.

A good disaster recovery plan develops around key understanding potential problems, data/networks/users it affects, and restoration of data/services.

Our planning will:
- Understand your company’s business activity and connection of network resources
- Assess data/hardware/network/software vulnerability
- Understanding impact of disaster to the individual
- Produce short-term recovery plan.
- Develop long-term recovery plan; returning to normal business operations, priority of resumption of services
- Testing plan, and update through business life cycle